Gusella was formed during the great economic boom of the late 1950s, when the construction industry needed new apparatus and equipment to meet the demands of a sector in constant evolution. Enzo Gusella had one of those ideas that proved to be decisive: in 1958 he decided to diversify production, and changed from building farm machinery to manufacturing lifting equipment and equipment for moving rubble and waste. Constant attention to problem-solving, investments in the research and development of new technologies (still our priorities, even today) meant that the company quickly achieved outstanding results: 1969 marked the arrival of the world’s first orange peel grab with a structural base frame, a completely new product which protected flexible hoses and hydraulic components.

 Bakker Hydraulic Products started when Klaas Bakker took over an agricultural mechanisation company in Arnhem in 1950. He had a lot of experience in this field and was able to design and build machines himself so he could respond quickly to demands in the market. In the years that followed he started to build more and more equipment for earthmoving machinery and, a little later, for lorry loading cranes. His son Harm joined him in the business in 1969. Like his father, he was able to design as well as build. He carried on specialising in grabs and designed a multipurpose grab with a horizontal instead of a vertical cylinder. This was a design that would make the company grow faster than anybody had anticipated and made the first move of the company necessary. In 1979 the company moved to Huissen. At this time Harm was married and his wife Thea was working for the company as well. The company continued crowing and it did not take long before they had to move again. In 1989 the company moved to Elst and up to this day is still located there. Besides Grabs Bakker Hydraulic Products started designing other equipment as well, the hook grabs or Gejo systems for emptying environmental containers being the most known. In 2014 the company celebrated its 75 year anniversary. Now, after more than 75 years in business, Gusella - Bakker as well as Bakker Hydraulic Products are the ideal partners for all kinds of equipment for truck mounted cranes, excavators and material handling machines for moving loose materials.